Panoramic view of Shimoda's ocean

The Sea

Ocean Cottage

The view of the tranquil ocean stretches out before you.
If you listen carefully, you will be healed just by being in the "sea cottage" with the sound of gentle waves and the scent of the sea.
Enjoy an extraordinary experience at the "Sea Cottage" along with the adjacent barbecue area and private pool.



Located on the southern tip of Izu Peninsula

  • The great nature of the Izu Peninsula, known as Tokyo's backyard
  • Time Flows Slowly
  • Cottage where you can casually come when you get a little tired.

Tokyo has a little bit of luxury backyard called "Izu Peninsula. Shimoda, located at the southern tip of the peninsula, was opened to the world with the arrival of the black ships at the end of the Edo period. It is still an undeveloped area, so visitors can enjoy the seasonal flowers, birds, winds, and moon.



At the Cottage
What do you do?

  • Relax and heal in the great nature of Shimoda.
  • Adjacent private pool and BBQ area for entertaining
  • Relax on the spacious terrace or in the living room.

The ocean of Shimoda is just a stone's throw away from the Cottage by the Sea! The sound of the waves and the smell of the sea will soothe you. There is a slightly larger terrace and a BBQ area on the premises. The private pool can be enjoyed as a heated pool in winter and as a regular pool in summer.



Large Groups

  • Three-generation families, multiple families, etc.
  • Company colleagues, like-minded friends, etc.
  • University clubs, etc.

The size of the "Sea Cottage" can accommodate up to 10 people. Small children are quite careful in inns, but in cottages with less public space, children and the elderly can be at ease!


- Four Seasons at the Cottage

Shimoda Kuroshima


- spring -

In the town of Shimoda, the Kurofune Festival, which symbolizes the opening of the country to the outside world, is held, and the "hydrangea," the largest cluster in Japan with 3 million flowers, is at its best.

Japan's many beaches


- summer -

Summer in Shimoda is all about the sea! Shirahama Ohama Beach, one of the best beaches in Japan, is just a short distance away, but the Sotoura Beach, Tatado Beach, and Ebisu Island area, where you can play on the shore, are also popular.

Taste of Autumn


- autumn - autumn

From fall to winter, Shimoda's fresh seafood is in season. Migratory fish such as yellowtail, yellowtail amberjack, yellowtail amberjack, and kanpachi, as well as sea bream, are also in season.

Narcissus in Tsumegisaki


- winter -

At Tsumekizaki in Shimoda, 3 million daffodils are in full bloom and the neighborhood smells sweet. The air is clearer, so it is a beautiful season for starry skies and beautiful scenery.


- Cottage Locations - Cottage Locations

On the grounds of Garden Villa Shirahama
There are "sea cottages."

Sea Cottage

plan of a house

1st floor
  Western-style room: 14.33 m2 (8.66 tatami mats)
  Japanese-style room: 15.51 m2 (9.36 tatami mats)
  Loft bed: 6.93 m2 (4.18 tatami mats)
  Bathroom: 7.20 m2 (4.35 tatami mats)

Second floor.
  Terrace: 26.25 m2 (15.85 tatami mats)
  Living room: 12.54 m2 (7.57 tatami mats)
  Dining room: 8.35 m2 (5.06 tatami mats)
  Kitchen: 4.08 m2 (2.46 tatami mats)

Sea Cottage Floor Plan


  • Kitchen facilities: IH stove with 2 burners, toaster oven, refrigerator (size for 2 people for general household use), microwave oven, handy vacuum cleaner
  • Cooking utensils: medium size one-handed pot, kettle, frying pan, kitchen knife, cutting board, tongs, spatula, kitchen cloth
  • Utensils, etc.: flatware, soy sauce dishes, cereal bowls, mugs, clear plastic cups, spoons, forks, knives (generally 10 each)
  • Items that can be rented separately at the front desk: sugar, salt, pepper, oil, soy sauce, gas stove, pot, splittable chopsticks (please ask at the time of check-in)

Amenities included

Bath towels, face towels, yukata (Japanese bathrobe), toothbrushes (enough for each person), bath mat, hair dryer, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, lotion, milky lotion
*If you are staying for two consecutive nights, we will provide two days' worth of toiletries in your room. After that, we will change them every day if you wish.
*Cleaning during your stay is available for an additional ¥3,000.

How to use

Please check in at the front desk of Pension Garden Villa Shirahama.
One parking space is located next to the cottage, but please confirm the parking location for the second and subsequent parking spaces upon check-in.
It isin the same facility as the main building, Garden Villa Shirahama, butit is an independent facility with different services.
There is also a barbecue facility called "Izu Shirahama Barbecue Garden" on the premises, and from April to October, reservations can be made for barbecue without cooking.


- Rates - Rates

Sea cottage for 4 persons

family oriented

Adult Day before holiday 14,100 yen(tax included)/person

Adult Weekday11,600 yen/person
Infants (with bedding) to elementary school studentsAdult Fee
Infant ( without meals and bedding )3,000 yen/person


Sea cottage for 6 persons

For friends and large households

Adult Day before holiday 11,300yen(tax included)/person yen(tax included)/person

Adult Weekday9,300 yen/person
Infants (with bedding) to elementary school studentsAdult Fee
Infant ( without meals and bedding )3,000 yen/person


barbecue set

Beef steak, chicken, sausage, seafood, vegetables and
plenty of volume!

Adult 3,800 yen (tax included)/person

elementary school student 2,100 yen/person
all you can drink2,500 yen/person
Use of BBQ equipment only700 yen/person
Equipment only available October-December and March-June.

special order

Click here to make reservations for your stay/.


- Frequently Asked Questions -

Can I reserve one cottage for 12 people or something?

Cottages are limited to 10 people, so 2 people should reserve the main building.

Or please reserve 2 cottages for 6 people each.

Are private pools and private outdoor baths available?

A private pool is available, but the private open-air baths are only for guests of the Garden Villa main building.

The cottage's large bathroom can be used for bathing at any time during the rental period.

Can I bring food into the cottage?

Of course it is okay! We have a small kitchen, but it is equipped with cooking utensils and dishes.

BBQ on the terrace is not allowed, but you can bring your own BBQ if you pay 700 yen/person at the BBQ area adjacent to the terrace!

Can I rent a cottage and furthermore camp on the lawn?

There is a charge for this service, but it is available when available.

World Cottages in

The history of the cottage can be traced back to medieval Europe, when barn-like buildings were built for farm workers to live in, and they flourished in England. Later, wealthy people began to build cottages as vacation homes, and in the U.S., cottages are used as weekend or summer homes, and in Japan, cottages are used as places where people can casually visit with only their luggage.


Cottages Features of

Cottages are usually single-family rental villa accommodations, but they can also be separate types, such as "sea cottages. Cottages are located in nature-rich summer resorts away from the hustle and bustle of the city, or in places where you can enjoy the great outdoors. The main feature of a cottage is that it may be fully furnished and equipped with furniture and appliances, including a kitchen, cooking utensils, and even tableware. Cottages offer a place to barbecue or enjoy the company of a large group of people.


Bungalows Difference from

We are often asked what is the difference between a cottage and a bungalow. A bungalow is a simplified version of a cottage. Cottages are equipped with all the amenities you would expect to find in a cottage, such as a bathroom and toilet, and even bedding is sometimes available for a fee.


Fun and Memories
At the "Cottage by the Sea"...